Our motto: The proximity with our students.


Our objective: Your well being at Inflexyon and Lyon.


If you want to learn French in France, you will need to think about several things : visa, accommodation, transport, insurance, budget, French program, French certificates, etc..  With Inflexyon French school in Lyon, you do not need to panic, we will help you to organise your language stay in France from A to Z.



Accompanying you in each step of your stay in France 伴随您走好留法的每一步

Our international team is available at all times and assists you with all administrative procedures, before and after your arrival in Lyon but also throughout your entire stay at Inflexyon.


  • 签证申请
  • Social security and insurance 医疗保险
  • Airport and train station pick-up 机场/火车站接送
  • Student card 学生卡
  • Public transport card 公共交通卡
  • Opening a bank account 银行开户
  • Accommodation search and booking 找房服务
  • Applying for CAF 住房保险申请
  • Cultural activities 文化活动
  • French certificates and diplomas 法语等级考试及证书
  • Further studies at French universities 法国大学继续深造

Since Inflexyon is a higher education institute and Campus France member, our students can get a student visa and a student card to enjoy all the benefits and discounts of student life in Lyon. Inflexyon will guide you through the visa procedure and will send you the documents you need to apply for a student visa. We can also explain you the social security system in France and help you to get the right health and housing insurance for you. We provide our international students with a student card that will enable you to get discounts for public transport, museums, cinema, library, sport clubs, hair-dressers and many others.

由于 Inflexyon 是高等教育机构和法国高等教育署的会员,我们的学生可以获得学生签证和学生卡,以享受里昂学生生活的所有优惠和折扣。 Inflexyon 将引导您完成签证申请程序,并发给您申请学生签证所需的文件。 我们还可以向您解释法国的社会保障制度,帮助您获得适合您的医疗和住房保险。 我们为国际学生提供学生卡,使您能够享受公共交通、博物馆、电影院、图书馆、健身房、理发店等各种折扣优惠。


We have a wide choice of accommodation in Lyon for all profiles and budgets. When registering for our French courses, you can request an accommodation in host families, public student residences, private student residences or private apartments or hotels. Inflexyon will do the booking for you and send you all the details. We will remain your main interlocutor before, during and after your stay in Lyon. We can also arrange an airport pick-up or a pick-up from train station for your arrival to Lyon.

For certain accommodations, you can apply for the government subsidy called CAF. It can help you to pay up to 30% of your rent. Our administration team will explain you when and how you can apply for CAF.

When renting a room in France, you might need a housing insurance. You do not need to search on the internet how it works, ask at Inflexyon reception and we will explain you.

我们在里昂的住宿选择非常广泛,适合各种需求和预算。在注册我们的法语课程时,您可以申请住在寄宿家庭、公共学生公寓、私人学生公寓、私人公寓或酒店。 Inflexyon 将为您进行预订,并将所有详细信息发送给您。 在您到达里昂前后,我们会持续与您保持联系。 在您到达里昂当天,我们还可以安排机场接机或到火车站接您。

对于某些类型的住宿,您可以申请政府提供的住房补贴, 它最高可以达到30% 的月租金。 我们的行政团队将为您解释何时以及如何申请住房补贴。

在法国租房时,您可能需要购买住房保险。 您不需要花时间上网搜索各种复杂的信息,只需要来到Inflexyon前台,我们会为您详细解释。

Create your French program 个性化定制您的法语课程

Our French school is open all year long except the week around May 1st, the last week of August and 2 weeks at Christmas. For the very beginners, the courses start every four weeks accordingly to our monthly sessions. The non-beginners can start their French course on any Monday. It is up to you to define the length of your French program. According to your wishes, objectives and budget, you can enrol for 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, …. 12 weeks, …. 24 weeks, etc.

Once you decided on the length of your French course, you can define the intensity of your program. Inflexyon offers Intensive, Semi-Intensive and Personalized Intensive courses. You might also opt for an au-pair or evening course if you need to combine studying with working. To focus on specific purposes, we offer exam preparation courses and 1-to-1 lessons.

除了 5 月 1 日左右的一周,8 月的最后一周和 2 周的圣诞节假期,我们的法语学校全年开放。 零基础课程每四周滚动开课,非初学者可以选择在任何星期一开始他们的法语课程。课程的长度也由您决定,根据您目标和预算,您可以报名 1 周、2 周、3 周、12 周、 24 周等等。

一旦您决定了您的法语课程的长度,您可以选择您的课程强度。 Inflexyon 提供密集型、半密集型和个性化密集型课程。 如果您想在学习之余工作,您也可以选择“互惠生课程”或晚间课程。如果您有具体明确的目标,我们也提供考试准备课程和 1 对 1 课程。

Our French classes and efficient teaching methods 我们的法语课程以及高效的教学方式

Our classes are held entirely in French and teach you to speak French very quickly. Our qualified teachers combine various teaching materials with realia ressources in order to make your learning interesting and efficient. Our intensive French classes develop equally all four competences : listening, speaking, reading and writing and include also the culture-specific elements.

我们的课程完全用法语进行,让你能在短时间内开口讲法语。 我们的专业教师将各种教材与实际生活相结合,让您的学习变得有趣和高效。 我们的强化法语课程同样发展所有四种能力:听力、口语、阅读和写作,同时还包括文化特定元素。

Confortable classrooms

Our French school is located in a modern sustainable neighbourhood called Confluence, only 10 minutes walking from Perrache train station and the city centre. It is surrounded by parks, small restaurants and shops. The school and classrooms are decorated and equipped with care offering an optimized place to study French.

The services and infrastructure you will find at Inflexyon:

  • spacious comfortably furnished air-conditioned classrooms
  • computers and printer 电脑和打印机
  • free Wi-Fi for all of our students
  • large and welcoming foyer for studying and meeting other students
  • fridge, microwaves and vending machines for on site lunch
  • library and video library

Cultural activities

To make the most of your language stay in Lyon, Inflexyon organises regularly cultural activities. During the cultural activities, our teachers accompany you to the museums and historical sites in Lyon. They also prepare parties on special occasions such as Carnaval, Easter, Summer, Halloween or Christmas party.

French certificates and diplomas

Are you looking for a French program providing a French language certificate? Since our French school is also DELF, DALF, TCF and TEF examination centre, you can pass one of these exams at the end of your French course. Our teachers are also qualified examiners and therefore, they can perfectly prepare you for French exams. The French language certificates might be useful if you plan to study at French university or work for a French company in France or abroad.



                                                             Inflexyon – 不仅仅是一所法语学校!